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Professional, local rodent control for the North Lincolnshire area

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Rats are know to transmit many harmful diseases to humans and cause serious damage through their constant gnawing. If rats gain access to your home or business they can cause a potential fire risk through the gnawing of electrical wires. Rats can breed at an alarming rate with one pair producing as many as 2000 descendants in one year.  It is important to treat any rat problem as quickly as possible to ensure a large infestation is avoided.

The two main species of rat in the UK are the Brown Rat (Sewer Rat ) and the Black Rat (Roof Rat)

Signs of a rat infestation

  • Scratching noises
  •  Droppings –  Around  10-20mm long, dark brown and spindle shaped. Usually found In a concentrated area
  • Rat Holes – Such as burrowing holes in the ground & access holes under fences, soffit boards, compost bins ect, caused through gnawing
  • Grease Marks – Grease & dirt left on walls, skirting boards from the rats “rubbing” next to it whist moving on regular routes
  •  Tracks – In some environments such as dusty flooring it may be possible to see footprints and tail marks
  • Rat Runs –  Sometimes it is possible to see routes take by the rat due to flattening in grass, soil and loft insulation
  • Nest Material – Rats shred material such as paper, plastic, cardboard and insulation to build their nests
  •  Sighting of live and dead rats

Have a Rat problem?

Vermfree understands that having rats in you home or business can be very distressing. We provide a discreet, professional service to eradicate your rat problem in the quickest time available.