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Fleas are wingless insects around 1mm-4mm in length with long, very powerful elongated legs which they use to jump onto their hosts. Fleas can cause unpleasant itchy rashes caused by their saliva when they bite. There are many species of flea in the UK however the Dog Flea and the Cat Flea are the most common. Fleas are a common household pest and are usually associated with pets or the previous occupants having pets.

The Flea Life Cycle

The adult flea feeds on its hosts blood and then lays its eggs in the fur or in and around the bedding of the host. A single female flea is capable of laying 2000 eggs in its lifetime.

The eggs then hatch as flea larvae which feeds on organic matter in bedding, carpets and rugs around the home. The flea larvae then builds a cocoon in which it develops into a adult flea, the cocoons can lay dormant for up to 2 years until to conditions are right for the adult flea to emerge.

Signs of a flea infestation

  • Live crawling fleas on your pet
  • Black “flea dirt” or faeces on your pets skin
  • Live fleas or flea dirt on carpets, bedding or rugs
  • Your pet scratching or biting regularly
  • Itchy flea bites on yourself or others (usually around the ankles)

Preventing a flea infestation

  • Treat your pet with a flea treatment
  • Wash your pets bedding weekly on a 60°c wash
  • Vacuum regularly