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Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal coming out at night to forage for food and then spending daylight hours in their harbourage (hiding area). They are known to carry and spread various human disease organisms such as Salmonella and Dysentery . Cockroaches will feed on almost anything such as food for human consumption, faecal matter and other dead cockroaches. In the UK the German Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach are the two main species of cockroach.

German Cockroach

The German Cockroach is 12-15mm in length and is light yellowish brown in colour with two distinctive dark brown stripes. It is associated with heated buildings in the UK and not normally found outside. A mated female produces an egg casing containing up to 40 eggs in which she carries on her abdomen until the eggs are ready to hatch, which is usually around two to four weeks. The development from egg to adult can take around 2 and 6 months depending on temperature.

Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach is 17-30mm and dark brown in colour. It is associated with warm environments however unlike the German Cockroach it can tolerate colder conditions and can  therefore also be found outdoors. The mated female produces up to five egg casings containing around 16 eggs and when fully formed she will deposit the casings in the harbourage area where the eggs will hatch in around 6-12 weeks The development from egg to adult can take 6 to 18 months depending on temperature.

Signs of cockroaches

  • Unpleasant lingering smell
  • Shed skins- cockroaches shed their skin (exoskeleton) in order to grow these are usually found close to their harbourage areas
  • Droppings – brown/black droppings around 2mm long and cylindrical in shape
  • Droppings smears – if water is abundant cockroaches will produce brow smear marks

Finding cockroaches in your home or business premises can be very distressing. Call Vermfree now for discreet professional cockroach eradication