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Blood feeding insect

Bed Bugs are blood feeding insects that cause a huge amount of distress to people. If you are unlucky enough to have them in your home you want them gone and fast!

The upset they cause is not only the emotional effect of having them but also the physical effect due to the irritation their bites can cause.

In recent years there has been a resurgence of Bed Bugs in the UK due to the increase of international travel and Beg Bugs “hitch hiking” in clothing and luggage. Bed Bugs are now a common pest in the UK.

Signs of bed bugs:

  • Small dark faecal blood spots on bedding
  • Moulted Skins (as bed bugs grow they shed their skin)
  • A sickly scent (from the pheromones bed bug discharge)
  • Live Bed Bugs
  • Bite marks on the body (usually in lines)
  • Blood stains on bedding

Vermfree know how distressing having Bed Bugs can be. We provide an expert, discreet and fast eradication of Bed Bugs.

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